Record Storage

NOADA has partnered with Secure Storage of Ohio (a division of Ohio Secure Shred) to provide secure record storage for automotive retailers. Why store off-site with NEOADA & Secure Storage of Ohio?

  • Lowest market price guarantee
  • On-Line web access to record tracking information
  • Save valuable and costly office space
  • Pre-determine destruction date with in-house shredding by our partner, Ohio Secure Shred
  • Secured storage facility with security cameras and alarm system monitored 24/7
  • Normal business hour access with emergency 24-hour access 365 days a year
  • Protection against in-house disaster

Filing, packing and purging documents takes valuable time, space, and personnel. Find out how NOADA and Secure Storage of Ohio, Inc. can increase your dealership's efficiency now. 

Contact NOADA (330-564-1555) or Kevin Moore (216-402-0088) for more information.

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