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NOADA understands every automobile dealership has unique communications needs. That’s why the Northeast Ohio Auto Dealers Association has partnered with US Network to offer savings on cloud based phone service, traditional telecommunications, business Internet connectivity, and wireless mobility. NOADA and US Network, have teamed up to offer a new member benefit service with personalized rate plans and customer support to ensure that our local dealers can receive the most competitive communications package.

US Network will evaluate your network, phone lines, Internet connection, and mobility services, free of charge. Typical monthly savings for each dealership vary between 25 - 40%. In fact, NOADA has recently initiated the installation of a new cloud-based phone system through US Network, which will result in a 30% savings.

US Network represents all the major voice and Internet service providers in the marketplace today and specializes in working with Automobile Dealerships to identify current needs, and provide value. 

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